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August 31st, 2007
We just wanted to wish everyone a terrific and safe holiday weekend! We are each heading home to visit our families, so we won't be online during the weekend. But the official countdown to Miami's first game of the season has begun! See you next Sunday! GO DOLPHINS!!!

August 29th, 2007
More Than Just a Game
Everyone has a story about why they became a football fan. The one reason that we have heard most often is "I'm a football/Dolphins fan because of my dad." That is a story we can definitely relate to since they are the reason that we love this game so much. Because of that, we must say that we were very moved by the fact that Brad, of Dolfan Radio, dedicated tonight's show in memory of his father, who was the reason that Brad is such a Fins supporter. We had the privilege of participating in the show, which of course, was chock full of great Dolphins talk, but it also added an emotional element when callers started talking about their families. In case you missed it and would like to listen, please go to Dolfanradio.com and click on the archive for August 29th. Thanks again, Dolfan Radio, for letting us be a part of your show.  

August 29th, 2007
Tell Us Your Story
Check out the 2nd video in our new "Tell Us Your Story" segment. If there's a lesson to be learned here --- it's to never mix football and weddings!  :)

August 27th, 2007
Be sure to check out The Miami Dolphins All-Access Internet Radio Show from    2:00pm - 3:00pm every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. They had Manny Fernandez on today and they've got some really great shows planned for the rest of this week.  
The guests are:
Randy Mueller - Wednesday, August 29th
Andy Cohen - Friday, August 31st
Call in with any comments or questions that you would like to discuss. And tell 'em the 2Michelles sent ya!  :)
In case you've missed any of the past shows, you can upload them from the archives. CLICK HERE

August 26th, 2007
Due to time limitations on our Preseason 3 video, we weren't able to show you the whole tour of Miami Mikes. Click on the video below to see our entire walk-through of the bar, along with commentary from the owner, Miami Mike.

August 25th, 2007
Dolphins Preseason Game 3 at Miami Mikes
We watched the Dolphins play the Bucs at the #1 Dolphins hangout in the Northeast. Miami Mikes Sports Zone played host to all Dolfans wanting to catch the game. We HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone who really wants a high energy Dolfan atmosphere. It was awesome! Even though the Dolphins lost, we still had a great time singing the fight song and high-fiving several of our fellow Dolphins fans. If you live in the north and you're missing your Dolphins, here's the place to be:
Miami Mikes Sports Zone at the Ramada
130 Route 10 West
East Hanover, NJ
Check out our video from Miami Mikes Sports Zone:

August 23rd, 2007
Tell Us Your Story
Last season we met so many great fans who had some pretty terrific stories to tell. Everything from how they became fans to the day they met their favorite player on the Dolphins. We wish we had all of them on video, so now we're going to start rolling tape. During our travels we want to hear your story. Every week we will have a "Tell Us Your Story" section and will feature the videos there.
Our first video comes from Jackie - a New Yorker who told us how she became a Fins fan.

August 20th, 2007
2Michelles Schedule
Below is our travel schedule for the upcoming season. With the exception of the Patriots game the day before Christmas Eve, we will be attending every away game. In addition, we will be heading down to Miami for one home game.
September 9th - at Washington Redskins
September 23rd - at New York Jets
September 30th - in Miami vs Oakland Raiders
October 7th - at Houston Texans
October 14th - at Cleveland Browns
October 28th - vs New York Giants in London
November 18th - at Philadelphia Eagles
November 26th - at Pittsburgh Steelers
December 9th - at Buffalo Bills
If you live in one of those cities or plan on attending any of those games, and would like a couple extra Dolfans at your tailgate, please contact us!

August 20th, 2007
Spies Among Us
While it's important to watch your team and see who the major players are, it's also good to check out the competition and get a sense of what they will bring to the upcoming season. We took an opportunity to go to The Meadowlands and see how our division rivals, the Jets, were looking. Frankly, we weren't that impressed. We also felt that the energy level was fairly low in the stadium. But, of course, as everyone keeps saying...'it's only the preseason.'
Granted, the Jets are our rivals and we would have rather been in just about any other stadium, but we must say, it was really nice to be back in the football stadium atmosphere. The crowd, the jerseys, the food, the music, etc. Even though we were in Jets territory, it made us that much more excited about football season!  

August 16th, 2007
Dolphins Preseason - Game 2
Tonight it finally seemed real. Sure, the Miami preseason started on Saturday, but as you know, we had to listen to it on the radio.
But not tonight! Thanks to ESPN we were actually able to see our team take the field....and it was AWESOME! The 2Michelles were back and better than ever....shouting at the TV, clapping, high-fiving. It was great! Football is finally here! And what makes the evening that much better is Miami's 2-0 record, thanks to tonights win against the Chiefs!

2Michelles.com Video Blog - Preseason Game 2

August 12th, 2007
Dolphins Win Preseason Game One!!!
In case you missed it, the Dolphins won their first preseason game. They beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 18-17. Now granted, the preseason doesn't mean anything as far as the season record goes, but it meant something to us, as fans. It signified the long-awaited end of a 6 month hiatus from our favorite pastime.
We overheard one gentleman say "My weekends are officially cut down to 1 day. Sundays are now reserved for football."
Another one said "I'm kissing my wife goodbye for the next 6 months."
And for the 2Michelles, it means that we are getting ready to pack our bags and hit the road to see our Fins play! (schedule to be posted soon!)
The season is finally here and we're READY for some football!! Are you?!

August 10th, 2007
Well, we've got it! Straight from the mouth of Miami Dolphins President and Chief Operating Officer, Bryan Wiedmeier! The 2Michelles, along with several of the other awesome Dolphins fan sites, were invited to participate in a conference call and ask Bryan anything that was on our minds.
Are you wondering about the game in London? Curious about his thoughts on Cam Cameron? Thinking about the Draft Day strategies?
We have all the answers to those questions and many more, directly from Bryan. Click HERE to listen to the call.
It is very obvious how devoted he is to the Miami Dolphins and all of their fans. It was a really cool experience and we would like to thank Bryan for taking time to talk to us.

August 6th, 2007
2Michelles on Dolfanradio!!!
We would like to thank Dolfanradio for having us on their show tonight! You definitely want to check these guys out. They've got a great show aimed at the fans and they really get into all of the news surrounding the team. It's a terrific forum for discussion and they always welcome call-ins, so pick up the phone on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:00pm and give them a call! Check them out at www.dolfanradio.com.
Also, in case you missed tonight's show, you can go to their ARCHIVES page and click on August 6th.
You definitely don't want to miss this Friday's show. They will be interviewing former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, Melissa Burnos, and as they also mentioned, they will be posting an interview with Miami Dolphins president, Bryan Wiedmeier.
Thanks again guys and GO DOLPHINS!!!

August 3rd, 2007
We have been working on some really exciting plans and we broke the news this afternoon! 
Today we participated in the Miami Dolphins All-Access Internet Radio Show and it was one of the coolest experiences EVER! We had a great time chatting with Andy Kent and Barry Buetel, the hosts of the show. They asked us how we became Dolphins fans and what led up to us launching this website. We also talked about the Draft, our videos and the day we met Dan Marino. We finished up by revealing that we will be traveling to every Miami Dolphins away game, as well as one in Miami and the big game in London.
Now are you ready for this?!?! The Dolphins have invited us to submit our video reports from the road for them to post on their website!!! This is HUGE!!!
Click HERE and then select the August 3rd show to hear our segment.
Miami Dolphins All-Access Internet Radio is on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2:00 - 3:00pm and if you like football, you'll love this radio show! Definitely check it out. You can access it live from the main page of miamidolphins.com

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