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2 Michelles...Short and Tall

We met in a bar watching football. We're true Miami Dolphins fans who instantly bonded, and can't seem to get enough of the sport. We've morphed into those loud obnoxious fans that everybody hates to love.
We don't know all the stats and can't name all the players, but will banter from morning until night with anyone who is willing to stand up to us. 
The short one hails from Miami and follows in her dad's footsteps of cheering for the Dolphins. Her mom is European and insists that the only football that exists is soccer. No questions asked. Short Michelle works in the Finance Industry doing Marketing.
The tall one comes from Charleston and became a Dolphins fan when her dad duped her into cheering for them in order to piss off his wife, the Cowboys fan. Tall Michelle spends alot of time on the runway and in front of the camera as a model and actress.
One day we came up with the idea to launch a website and document our adventures! Whether its a trip to a new city to check out the local tailgaters or a visit to some of New Yorks sports bars to find the craziest fans, we plan on giving you guys something fun to read about every week! Be sure to keep checking in for updates!

Aside from living out our "fan"tasies, we want to meet as many people as possible and find out what makes them love their team. If we end up in your city or in your local hangout, please stop by, say hello, share a beer and tell us your story.

Look out, NFL...we're ready to ROCK!

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